The draw date is December 13, 2022.

This is  a reverse draw and winners will receive a gift certificate so they may choose their favorite wine (or other products) at Beyond Liquor at 1805 14 St Sw Ste 109, Calgary:

Please fill out this form to ensure entry.

5th last ticket drawn receives 5% of wine

4th last ticket drawn receives 10% of wine

3rd  last ticket drawn receives 15% of wine

2nd  last ticket drawn receives 25% of wine

Last ticket drawn receives 45% of wine

Rules are simple

  • Purchase a ticket for $40 ($20 for buy-in plus $20 for wine, etc)
  • The last five tickets drawn are winners.
  • Put in another $5 for each immunity (max 2). We put your ticket back into the draw after being picked.

Please fill out this form to ensure entry.

Funds are to be e-transferred to

Or contact Brenda at (403) 860.3759 or email at