Birthday, Anniversary and other Joyous Events

Congratulations for landing on this page. We appreciate your contribution towards our cause.

We hope you had a great celebration for your Birthday, Anniversary, and other joyous events. We are also honored to have contributions in lieu of Get Well Greeting cards, flowers etc.


As an advocate for strong youth, the need for our services grows.

Our work in schools and the community is possible though partners who share our vision. Financial support allows PMAST to reach larger audiences, provide training to as many young people as possible, and to reach our goal of creating respectfully engaged citizens.

Please mail your cheque to Peer Mediation And Skills Training (PMAST)
1811 – 4 Street SW, Suite 103
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1W2

Alternatively, e-transfers to are also acceptable with auto deposit set up directly to PMAST account

Your mail in and/or e-transfer contributions will allow PMAST to utilize 100% of donated funds.

Rogers Birdies for Kids


Click here to donate to PMAST via Birdies for Kids:

Canada Helps


Click here to donate to PMAST via Canada Helps:


Note – PMAST is not supported by the United Way – we have chosen this path since it restricts applying for funding to the corporations who support the United Way.  BUT you can still donate to PMAST through the United Way and they will forward your donation to us.  And you can still get credit for your corporate United Way Donation – there is a place to specify that as well.


Here’s what you do:

Go to United Way Calgary Website – WAYS TO GIVE

Ways to Give in Your Community – United Way Calgary and Area (

Scroll down to red options and click on DONATE ON PAPER – there is a form there  you can print or save and fill out. 

To donate to PMAST through this form – you can specify PEER MEDIATION AND SKILLS TRAINING  

Our CRA Registration Number is  86373 4158 RR0001

Thank you for your support.