PMAST’s mission is to equip youth, families, and communities with the skills to manage conflict where they live, learn, work, and play

Meet Our Team

Brenda Christie


Brenda comes from very humble beginnings in rural Alberta, moved to Edmonton during high school and attended business college.

She worked for the Provincial Government for years, through various departments, including Forestry and in 1981 moved to Calgary with the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB). Here she attended the Petroleum Engineering Technical Program at SAIT. During her time at ERCB she also attended the Mediation/Negotiation Certificate Program at U of C and was instrumental in establishing a Dispute Resolution Group for ERCB employees.

After preaching that all ERCB employees dealing with the public or industry corporations should have this training, it eventually became a standard requirement. As Brenda became more involved in mediation, she joined Community Mediation Calgary and was a founding member of a youth project in 1999, which would become PMAST.

Since the beginning she has held many offices with PMAST Board of Directors, and her vision of what PMAST should be in order to provide a service so critical to youth and their families, keeps her on track to try and reach those goals.

Her energy is fueled by seeing the lives that have changed, the youth who have turned their lives around to become happy, well-functioning members of society.

As a Grandmother and a PMAST founding member, she believes that to change the life of a child is still the best miracle and that we can improve a family's dynamic, or change a life in spite of it.

Bob Lang

Bob has been active with Calgary community groups for around 30 years starting with the Cliff Bungalow – Mission Community Association. That involvement has lead to being involved in many other community groups and activities, many in a leadership role, including those involved in mediation services, urban planning, transportation planning, safety, health, social services, housing and heritage.

Some of the community groups he is currently involved with are Cliff Bungalow – Mission Community Association, Federation of Calgary Communities, Inner City Coalition, Safer Calgary, Inner City Community Life Council, Community Life Improvement Council, Community Mediation Calgary Society and Peer Mediation and Skills Training.

Bob has received the several awards related to his community activities including:

· Stars of the Millennium 2002 – Province of Alberta

· Calgary Awards 2008 – Community Advocate – City of Calgary

· Heart of Calgary 2010 – Volunteer Calgary

Briana Inlow

Briana Inlow has been working in the corporate responsibility field for 12 years.

She has been with Benevity since 2018, supporting their vision to help some of the world’s most iconic brands engage their people, customers and communities by connecting them with causes they care about.

She is passionate about young people having the support and mentorship they need to reach their potential.

She lives in Calgary with her husband, two sons, and giant dog.

Vanessa Houv

Vanessa Houv majors in International Business and Finance at Mount Royal University. She holds a strong interest in creating a safe environment for everyone to be heard and supported as this is the first of many steps to initiate a positive change.

With over half a decade of leadership experience, she has managed an array of projects aiming to increase the well-being of her community. Vanessa approaches each project in a democratic way to increase the flow of ideas and communication.

In her downtime, Vanessa enjoys getting lost in a bookstore and learning about the most random things possible.

Janice Allen

Janice has a passion for working with students and youth, and looks for opportunities to give back in her community. Her volunteer experience includes strategy development, event planning, and volunteer coordination.

Janice is particularly interested in supporting and promoting young women, and works to encourage all young people to reach their potential. She believes in the power of connection - among peers, and within our communities.

Janice works as a geoscientist, and has studied at Dalhousie University, the University of Northern B.C., and Queen’s University.

Jeremiah Lajide

Jeremiah works to obtain data that reflects the importance of the work we do at PMAST. As a member on the fundraising committee, he is also invested in generating awareness and the funds needed to promote our mission and vision.

Jeremiah believes that the empowerment of the individual is vital to the progress of the socitey, therefore it is important that no one is impeded in their ability to express themselves, their goals and dreams. To this end he believes in the mission to equip our youth, families and communities with core skills that empower them to effectively deal with conflict through training, mentoring and community engagement.

Jeremiah is a self-employed Financial advisor working in Calgary, helping families manage and grow their estates for generations. Though this, the issues of poverty which often lead to violence and mal-adaptation in the community are abated.

Jeremiah recieved his education from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Business, and engages in further self-education in Finance and Psychology from acredited universities online.

Mohamed Elbadwihi

Mohamed has a background in enterprise technology strategy and software engineering.

When he's not staring at his computer screen, he can be found staring at the night sky somewhere in Alberta, Canada, where he moved a year ago.

He enjoys reading, and writing about the things he reads. He dreams of a world where no child has to go to school in fear of being bullied.


Florence Lye

Program Director

Eva Gonzalez

Eva Gonzalez has an English Literature BA from the University of Calgary and has worked in Human Services for ten years.

She is a champion for the underprivileged and under-represented and believes strongly in the power that we as human beings have to change the world through small acts of kindness and conscientiousness.

She is a novelist and published poet and short-story writer.

She lives in Calgary with her husband, her daughter, and her Covid puppy.

Terry D Kozlyk

Terry brings an ever growing, diverse and complimentary skillset to the board. With a dynamic career as an engineering technologist, he has progressed with many companies from manufacturing, aerospace, and product design to the cable infrastructure environment. He currently serves as a Data and Reporting Analyst for Shaw Communications Calgary.

Ancillary to the technical challenges, Terry developed his leadership skills being a member of Toastmasters International for 20+ years. He has served in many progressive leadership roles from club to district as speaker, presenter and facilitator. The summit of that climb was in 2018 when Terry became the Public Relations Manager for District 42 of Alberta and Saskatchewan, serving 120+ clubs and 2200+ members. Wanting to give back and help others with their speaking and leadership development, he began his self-help podcast in 2011, where he continues to write reflective soft skills articles to help others.

Discovering the power of video, Terry took his speaking, leadership and production talent further to create His first major work was as a volunteer videographer with the children’s charity “No Ordinary Journey Foundation”. In March of 2014, with their team of 10, he travelled across Vietnam on a 3-week charity mission, sponsored by a local Rotary Club. There he captured their project in video where parents and caregivers of young children with cerebral palsy (CP) were shown how to care for their children’s disability. He returned to Vietnam with the charity in August 2015, on another 3 week mission, to produce his 30 min documentary – Untold Story, Return to Tra Vinh - which aired on Shaw TV Calgary in Nov 2016.

With his growing interest in people who volunteer, practise philanthropy and the spirit that drives them, he began an interview series in 2019 where he “just asks them” in “Out-of-Country”.

Having facilitated several Youth Leadership Programs (YLP) in Toastmasters and his interest in supporting children and youth with their speaking and leadership growth, Terry strives to support and grow PMAST with their programs and services. PMAST and their dedicated team promises to be a natural progression for Terry.

Elizabeth Bennett

With over 35 years of teaching, administration and coaching experience, Elizabeth Bennett offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and a vast background of knowledge.

This award winning school principal has a relentless passion for changing this broken, violent, socially isolated environment of dysfunction to creating a space for courageous conversations, empowering people to take on their lives and live with joy and love ~ suitable for sustainability for our next generation to flourish in.

She is dedicated to sharing this message of hope to community and business leaders, educators, parents and youth.

Being a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse as a teen, has taught Elizabeth that in order to succeed in life you must be willing to do whatever it takes.

She is eternally grateful for the genes of determination and persistence which she inherited from her mother, which provides Elizabeth with a fiery attitude and a heart centred desire to empower people and help them transform so that they can live the life they desire.

Elizabeth has also been a contributing author to two best-selling books and her chapter focused on the Courage to Speak.

Dorothy Evaskevich

Dorothy believes all children have the ability within themselves to build healthy relationships given the opportunity to learn within a supportive community. She is passionate about empowering youth, schools and communities to manage conflict and nurture strong connections.

After a career in communications and fundraising, Dorothy decided to pursue her passion and completed a master’s degree in Conflict Management and Analysis from Royal Roads University in 2013.

She is a Mediator with Community Mediation Calgary Society and most recently has focussed on restorative practices in education; and integrating trauma-informed practices in her work.

Dorothy’s most rewarding role is as a parent of five adult children, two grandchildren, and a couple of dogs.

She and her husband split their time between Calgary, Fort Worth TX, and Coldstream BC.

Ashima Khanna

Being a Chartered Accountant from India, Ashima has a passion for accounting. When not at work, she loves to write and share her journey as a newcomer in Canada to simplify this journey for others through her blog: She strongly believes in bringing a change in the world by uplifting the most vulnerable sections of society.

'Hustle for your passion' is the motto/mantra she follows in her life. She is passionate about continuous growth in her accounting career and is currently pursuing CPA Canada.