Did you know that Calgary’s Shaw Charity Classic ranks at the top of funds raised for charity at ANY PGA

Tour Champions event? In its 10 years of existence, this tournament has raised over $93 million for programs and services for Alberta youth and children, including the programs offered by Peer Mediation And Skills Training. In 2022 we reached an all-time high of $17.5 million THROUGH THE Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink program.


It is so important to provide life skills in conflict management and communication to mitigate these tragedies. This training helps them to deal with their issues before they become overwhelming and teaches them how to build better relationships. It brings youth together to create change to reduce and eliminate bullying; issues affecting their mental and emotional health and wellness.

The funds raised in 2022 helped us to provide programs to assist immigrant and refugee youth in their transition into Calgary high schools and their new communities. It also helped to provide programs to junior high school students who deal with issues of bullying and conflict which are two of the most important issues impacting youth wellness today, especially with some of the negative aspects of the online environment. Funds also helped to develop and pilot our Connected Families Program to improve parents’ and teens’ communication and family dynamics as a whole.

But while counseling and bullying awareness programs are important – they are not enough. To really create change for today and tomorrow, we need to be proactive and teach our youth how to successfully deal with the conflict in their lives. We need to change the dynamics of these youth, their families, and those around them for this and future generations. That is the focus of some of our other PMAST programs.

We need your support! In order to provide this service to Calgary and area youth, we need funds for program development and delivery. The schools do not have the funds. You can help provide these services to our youth. This is your opportunity to make your dollars count—BFK adds up to 50% for every dollar donated to PMAST.