Peer Mediation And Skills Training & Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink

PMAST has embarked on an exciting new venture! We are proud to be part of a charitable initiative called Birdies for Kids (BFK), a non-profit program under the Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation. In two short years the Shaw Charity Classic has raised over $4.67 million for charity, with children and youth being the primary benefactors of those dollars.

Helping kids and changing lives in our community is what this foundation is all about, which mirrors PMAST’s goals and objectives. PMAST will receive 100% of all funds designated for PMAST through BFK, which will help us to provide conflict resolution skills to more Calgary youth, their schools, families and communities. This training provides youth with life-long conflict management, dispute resolution and communication skills, helping them to build better relationships in all aspects of their lives. This training brings youth together to create change towards reducing and eliminating bullying.

While PMAST agrees that providing counselling services for victims and publicity to raise awareness programs are important, it is not enough. We must be pro-active and reach these youth to ensure long term results in combating bullying and family violence, before tragedies occur.

We need your support! In order to provide this service to Alberta youth we need funds – funds for program development and delivery. We have many more requests for our service than we can provide, especially with very limited school budgets. You can help us…

Please click on the button below to donate online and ensure all donations are made out to “Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation”, and designated to “Peer Mediation And Skills Training (PMAST)”on the on-line form. For those who prefer not to donate online, a donation/pledge form is also available in pdf format on the button indicated below.

How does it work?
Donors can either make a one-time flat donation or a pledge of $0.01 or more for each birdie made by Champions Tour players during the 2015 Shaw Charity Classic (August 7 – 9).

What is a birdie?
In golf, a ‘birdie’ is a score of one stroke better than ‘par’ for any golf hole on the course. ‘Par’ is the expected score of a golf professional on any given hole. For example, on a par 4, a score of 3 is a birdie. In 2013, there were 1,000 birdies at the Shaw Charity Classic, and in 2014 there were 892 made. We estimate 900 birdies will be made during the 2015 Shaw Charity Classic.

All pledges must be received by August 9th a 11:59:59; the collection period ends in September.