Thursday, October 17 

Diffusing Conflict at Work and at Home 

Train the Trainer: September 19, 2019 

About Us 

• The Conflict Resolution Day Alberta Planning Group is a collaboration between the Alberta 

Government’s Dispute Resolution Network and Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) 

organizations from all over the province. 

• Since 2007, we have provided resources and support to ADR professionals and organizations 

across Alberta to host yearly events and activities to celebrate Conflict Resolution Day. 

How to Get Involved 

• Participate in or host an event in your community 

• Join the Conflict Resolution Day Alberta Planning Group 

• Visit: for more information 

• Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: CRDAYAB 

Register Now for the Trainthe Trainer: September 19, 2019 


Learn how to facilitate this year’s Conflict Resolution Day 

workshop on the topic of Diffusing Conflict at Work and 

at Home. 

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information or to register.