Peer Mediation And Skills Training
is a vibrant and responsive conflict management, dispute resolution, and anti-bullying solution provider for schools, families and communities.


Our Vision is a world where everyone has the tools to positively deal with conflict in their lives.

Our Mission is to equip youth, families and communities with core skills that empower them to effectively deal with conflict through training, mentoring and community engagement.

We work to empower individuals to analyze their conflict, investigate real-life issues, and apply strategies to create positive change. Through this approach, we also build leaders and mentors who continue to grow our communities effectively for the future.

Simply, we teach the core skills necessary to create respectfully engaged citizens for the future.


Board Profiles as of January 2019 – October 2019

President: Brenda Christie

Vice President: John Jardine

Treasurer: Bob Lang

Secretary: Francesca Clark


  • Neda Russell
  • Mohamed Bondok
  • Elizabeth Bennett
  • Scott Mulek

Program Director: Florence Lye

Trainer Profiles

This information will be available soon.