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2018 Peer Mediation And Skills Training (PMAST) & Birdies for Kids—presented by AltaLink


It’s 2018 and Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club is once again hosting the Shaw Charity Classic, one of the largest and most successful events held in the city of Calgary. The Shaw Charity Classic is a PGA Tour Champions event featuring professional golfers including Golf Hall of Famers Tom Watson, Fred Couples and Colin Montgomerie and 2017 winner Scott McCarron.

Did you know that Calgary ranks at the top of funds raised for charity at any PGA tour Champions event? In 2017, the Shaw Charity Classic raised $8,391,413, bringing our five year total to over $22 million, all benefitting Alberta children and youth. Once again, AltaLink is presenting the Birdies for Kids charitable foundation, a non-profit program run under the Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation. The motto for the tournament’s charitable efforts is ‘Helping Kids. Changing Lives’ which mirrors Peer Mediation And Skills Training’s goals and objectives.

Funds raised for PMAST through BFK will help us to provide life skills to more Calgary and area youth, their schools, families and communities. This training provides youth with life skills in conflict management and communication skills, helping them to build better relationships in all aspects of their lives. It brings youth together to create change towards reducing and eliminating bullying. The funds raised in 2017 paid for programs at Nelson Mandela High School, a new school in Calgary’s North-East area and supplemented programs at W.H. Croxford High School in Airdrie. In the words of an assistant principal “In a perfect world, every school would be staffed with a mediator, who can work with staff, students and families to come to resolution”. Saskatoon’s Police chief Clive Weighill, who was involved in the implementation of PMAST programs in all Saskatoon high schools said, “…contributes to transforming the cycle of disputes, conflict, bullying and crime, which affect youth, into opportunities for personal growth, learning and change. This important program provides youth with the resources they need to make positive choices to become contributing members of the community.” This is reflected by Airdrie RCMP, who work closely with PMAST’s RAP program.

Why is this important??? Canadian Adult Prisons cost Taxpayers (Stats Can) $10,673,000 PER DAY.

Mark A Cohen, Professor of Management and Law at Vanderbilt University says “We estimate the present value of saving a 14-year-old high risk juvenile from a life of crime to range from $2.6 to $5.3 million” including societal costs. Did you know that bullying and conflict are two of the most important issues facing youth today and social media has just increased that exponentially. About 1/3 of Alberta households surveyed said that bullying has directly affected their family members (Ispos Reid 2006). While PMAST agrees that counselling and bullying awareness programs are important – they are not enough. To really create change for today and tomorrow, we need to be pro-active and teach our youth how to successfully deal with the conflict in their lives. We need to change the dynamics of these youth, their families and those around them for this and future generations.

PMAST programs cost $120,000 per school per year, to provide full-time services to 600—2000 youth and their families and staff, depending upon the size of the school. Now that’s a good Deal!

We need your support! In order to provide this service to Calgary youth we need funds for program delivery. You can help provide these services to our youth. This is your opportunity to make your dollars count – BFK adds an additional 50% for every dollar donated to PMAST.

Click the button below to donate and be sure to earmark your donation to Peer Mediation and Skills Training (PMAST). 


ATB ADDS 15% to your donation to PMAST.
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United Way

Donation through United Way

Although we are not a member of the United Way, nor do we receive any funding from them, you can specify your donation to go to PMAST, or any registered charity. The United Way is then obligated to forward those funds to the charity specified.

To donate to PMAST via this method, please to to the United Way Calgary website:

As you fill out the Form, you will come to Section 3 called My DONATION. Scroll down and you will find a line that states: “I want to support another registered Canadian Charity and I understand this charity is not evaluated by United Way”.

Enter: Peer Mediation And Skills Training
Registered Charity Number:  86373 4148 RR001

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Direct Donations

Birthday, Anniversary and other Joyous Events

Congratulations for landing on this page. We appreciate your contribution towards our cause.

We hope you had a great celebration for your Birthday, Anniversary, and other joyous events. We are also honored to have contributions in lieu of Get Well Greeting cards, flowers etc.


As an advocate for strong youth, the need for our services grows.

Our work in schools and the community is possible though partners who share our vision. Financial support allows PMAST to reach larger audiences, provide training to as many young people as possible, and to reach our goal of creating respectfully engaged citizens.

Please mail your cheque to Peer Mediation And Skills Training (PMAST)
1811 – 4 Street SW, Suite 103
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1W2

Alternatively, email transfers are also acceptable when directed to our Treasurer who will deposit contributions directly to PMAST account.


Your mail in and/or e-transfer contributions will allow PMAST to utilize 100% of donated funds.

Your donation via credit card will be accepted through Alberta Treasury Branch (ATB) donation page as ATB also matches 15% of your donation to PMAST and will issue your tax receipt immediately to you.

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Thank you.

Canada Helps

Donate to PMAST via Canada Helps.


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Restorative Action Program

The goal for these funds is to help PMAST present our Restorative Action Program (RAP) in local high school(s). RAP provides ongoing resources to support young people: information, advocacy and follow-up coaching. It reinforces our Prevention-Intervention-Reconnection model, a pro-active approach to provide today’s youth with the tools to deal with the conflict in their lives which, if not properly addressed, continues through adulthood having a serious impact on their lives and our community as a whole. Through RAP we teach conflict management, dispute resolution skills to youth, school staff and communities and provide critical skills to use in all areas of their lives. The young people play an active part in working through issues in their lives, developing their voice and solving problems amicably.

This initiative takes the involvement of the whole Community. We invite you to join the PMAST Community and be part of the change. By being a sponsor in this amazing opportunity, you help to make a positive change in the lives of our young people.

In return, your logo will be included on our program as well as our website as a supporter. We would greatly appreciate any contribution that you may be able to provide at this time.

Please contact us if you need any additional information that may influence your decision to donate your funding to this cause.